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Discover your PassionIt doesn’t matter if you feel like you haven’t discovered your true passion in life. What does matter is that you never stop searching until you identify what it might look like.

Discovering your passion helps you to realize the incredible contributions you can make in the world. Your passion leads to your purpose. Your purpose leads to your vision. Your vision leads to your direction. Your direction influences your approach. Your approach stimulates your behavior. And your behavior discovers your outcomes.

Passion is resolute when it is fulfilled, but before it arrives at a desired destination, it cuts like a two-edged sword. Each cut leaves a valuable lesson to guide your steps into the future. They’ll help you remember where you’ve been to make sure that you have the right tools along the way to get you where you are headed.

Passion requires you to think using ‘above the bar’ perspectives to arrest outdated viewpoints and to stop you from doing more of the wrong things in the right moments.  We need a whole new approach to finding our passion and the good news is we have one; building blocks that anyone can use simply by combining motivation with reciprocity. Combining these two traits will increase your opportunities to drive your passion to become more creative and connective. These are your motivators to achieve successful outcomes.

They make your resolve concrete to agitate your purpose and increase your ability to respond effectively to circumstances in life. Best of all, combining motivation with reciprocity helps to confront the suffering you’ll experienced in life, and allow you to convert it into your directed focus and passion every day of your life. You will never again have to wonder, “Why me?” “When will my turn come?” “Why can’t I…?” Instead, your passion will become the lighthouse to lead you to a safe place with an unrelenting calling on your life.

Discovering your passion will evolve from the rubble leading up to identifying your true purpose. It is already deeply rooted within your heart simply waiting to be unlocked and allowed to smile. It is your duty to allow it to smile so that you can achieve everything you want out of life. Passion is your fundamental and essential trait that must be realized if you really want to do extraordinary things.

Discover your passion, find and understand your purpose, think above the bar and contribute to make a change that inspires you to become great – not only for yourself, but for others to also benefit from your passion to succeed.