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My excitement is overwhelming as the time has come for me to release my upcoming self-help and business leadership novel, Success TRAPS: Awaken your Realized Potential for Lasting Fulfillment.

What happens when you mix leadership development, transformational thinking, organizational behavior and military stratagem into one single text? The answer; you get a whole lot of happiness and direction for overcoming Success TRAPS in life! These are some of the ingredients of a happy lifestyle and are being offered on the heels of a tough global economy and year for most Americans. Moving into the field of Positive Psychology, I felt an obligation to use my literary voice to add value to the topic by explaining my views on the traps most people find themselves in during a lifetime. Not since Stephen Covey’s The 8TH Habit has anyone really touched on the topic of finding your voice, and nowhere are the topics covered in this text are they combined to bring happiness, a sense of purpose – both personally and professionally – and positive organizational behavior to the surface. Success TRAPS focuses on the psychological aspects of a fulfilling and flourishing lifestyle. The text, you might be wondering, begins with a “purpose” found within its name; “Success TRAPS: Awaken your Realized Potential for Lasting Fulfillment.”

The Book’s Overview

Success TRAPS in life are mainly due to misdirection; we believe our decisions are leading us in one direction, yet they set us on a course to experience the unexpected. This landmark publication taps into the riches of human motivation by stimulating an awakening of unleashed passion and tension, and the use of a new mindset for succeeding in life. Each chapter provides an inspiring outlook, collective wisdoms, tips, tactics and quotes to ponder that compels people to reach significantly higher levels to win on life’s battlefield. It offers a practical perspective that should serve as a foundation on the study of “self,” “people,” “conversations and relationships,” and “management and leadership.” It is grounded on a simple, yet fundamental principle: “First learn to lead yourself and then lead others to find their voice.” It is both relevant and practical. Pitts, a U.S. Marine turned business professional, provides the essentials for anyone to keep striving for excellence no matter where they are or what they are doing. The advice benefits anyone in a work or non-work situation that is pressure-laden, but ultimately lacking in real personal satisfaction. Basically, it teaches what to do when you find yourself out at sea and in the water alone – “you put your head down and swim through the rough waves.”  

Get ready for an exciting ride, but be prepared for a little emotional turbulence if you’re honest with yourself to create the needed opportunities that question your intentions in life. The metaphors, idioms and strategies outlined gleans valuable insight that when put into practice helps you to develop the essential life skills used to change current and future circumstances. Success TRAPS is more than another self-help, business and professional development book; it offers the attitude adjustment and practical tools that transition into more happiness and a fulfilled lifestyle! 

Success TRAPS as the Lexicon for Success 

The Success TRAPS Project uses traditional business, management and leadership principles and takes them into non-business spheres to help thinkers to solve problems and master the art of mobilizing resources and people to achieve a common objective. It taps into the riches of human motivation by stimulating an awakening of unleashed passion and tension, and the use of a new mindset for succeeding in life. It unearths the 7 -main metaphors, idioms and strategies used to determine a person’s effectiveness and ability to succeed. Those being: 

  1. The internal state of mind & the quality of its “thought software;”
  2. The intelligence & power of Revenge…against Failure;
  3. Opportunities found by swimming in Blue Oceans (Blue Ocean Strategy);
  4. Ability to navigate new found opportunities around the dangers in life – the Lighthouse;
  5. Ability to overcome Fears, Uncertainty and Doubt to communicate more effectively – the Quarterback;
  6. The internal passions, strengths and weaknesses & the power of their advantages – Energy;
  7. The increase of Personal Proficiency and Professional Mastery used to paint your Picasso on the canvas of life and within your business – Paint Brushes (Organizational Leadership).

Get your copy of Success TRAPS due to release on Monday, December 14, 2009 and watch your life take a turn for the better, regardless of where you are in the present. This book is for everyone and anyone can glean insight from the chapters, beginning with a trip down the yellow brick road in the opening chapter, The Seven “T’s” of Oz. 

For more information, email me at Dpitts@damianpitts.com.